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The Commander In Chief - 7 string guitarist, singer, songwriter, pianist.

“Your song “Evolution” - there is a connection between the kind of virtuosity there and the kind of virtuosity we’ve heard from Händel and Mozart, too. That interval - “the devil in music” - It’s the same thing Mozart was doing in the 18th century, which you are doing now.”

Tom Service, BBC/The Guardian


“This album just has to be heard - by everyone! It is a masterpiece of an album. She is a talent of a generation. A once in a lifetime musician!”

(Rick Palin, Skyfire Records/Firebrand Radio)


“The Commander In Chief is certainly well known across the rock and metal community and indeed the classical guitar genre. Berit Hagen continually surprises with her releases and this is no exception, a hauntingly beautiful acoustic album, showcasing to an even greater depth her songwriting and performing talent. To simply call Berit an artist is an understatement to what she actually does, the term Prodigy would be more applicable. When reviewing one always looks for flaws, but there are none. This has been very skilfully put together and is one of the best albums I’ve heard so far this year.”



“This is music in its purest form, keeping the listener entranced by the sheer beauty of what is coming out of the speakers. She is full of confidence, which really comes through. In many ways it feels as if Janis is channeling Sandy Denny. Anyone who enjoys listening to a master singer songwriter need go no further.”

(Kev Rowland, HouseofProg Radio)


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Support this independent, unsigned artist now, by becoming a Patreon directly here, or via her Patreon page. She just started to record album number 2 (of 4) with new, original music and is grateful for all support from her wonderful fans around the world.

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